Molding Capabilities




 Oliver Technologies offers custom Injection Molding using all electric presses to produce high

quality custom plastic molded parts for home foundations.


 Oliver injection molding is a fast and economical way to get real injection molded parts for

prototyping, initial runs, and low-volume production. Rapid injection molding enables

companies to experiment and perform functional tests with real parts without worrying about

cost overruns or rising design costs. Whether 25 sample parts or larger production quantities, you

can have as many parts as you need. If  high production volumes do justify production steel

tooling, rapid injection molding can be used as bridge tooling, to produce fully functional

production parts until the steel tool is available. And when production volumes are moderate,

rapid injection molding can be a complete, cost-effective production solution. We are dedicated

 to providing eco-friendly products at competitive prices, using recycled plastic in our manufacturing wherever possible.


We can provide our products and services to you and add value to your customers.

OTI was founded in December of 1995 by James and Evon Oliver. Located in Hohenwald, Tennessee,

OTI develops, manufactures and markets foundation products for the Manufactured Housing Industry.

For over 15 years prior to forming OTI in Tennessee, the Oliver’s developed, manufactured and sold numerous

 products to this Industry in California and Arizona. Today, OTI sells its products throughout the continental United States.

In spite of the recent declines in the Industry, we continue to use our resources to develop innovative foundation

 products. Given the years of experience we have through our workforce and management, creativity and

 manufacturing capability continue to be our strong points. We have products to satisfy most foundation needs.

Our mission, as it has always been, is to serve this Industry by providing the best foundation products available.

We will continue to improve our existing products and develop new products as the need arises.

Over the years we have become highly experienced in the areas TPM, Preventive Maintenance procedures and Lockout/tagout